All of Our Glasses Are Available With

Prescription Or Non-Prescription Lenses

This is our New Look! Same Wonderful Products and Lots of New Products and Services! We've added new frame styles and Our Lab will Now Make Your Doctors Custom Prescription in a large Array of Lens Styles and Materials.

Welcome to the Official Site of Multi-View Optical!

Multi-View is family owned and operated by a team of Licensed Opticians with experience in all

phases of retail and wholesale optics since 1980.

In early 2000 we started, an online eyeglass company dedicated to

manufacturing the finest quality glasses, using only Ophthalmic grade materials and grinding

every pair into stylish Ophthalmic frames exclusively in our Colorado Lab, USA.

We were the first to offer Dual powered Ready made Computer Reading Glasses that doesn't

require a Doctor's Prescription.

This advantage allows us the ability to offer Glasses with Supreme Optical Accuracy and Visual

Comfort, while still maintaining the affordable price and convenience expected when buying

eyeglasses online.

Multi-View Glasses are available in 6 categories:

* Computer / Reading Glasses with dual powered lenses that correct for up close and arms length with no visible lines

* Single Vision Polycarbonate Aspheric Reading Glasses

* Single Vision Blue Blocking Reading Glasses (also available with NO Power)

* Super Lightweight Polarized Sunglasses (NO Power at this time)

* CUSTOM Rx Service - Since Multi-View Optical makes and grinds all of its lens products, we also offer custom Rx glasses made precisely to your Doctor's valid prescription. (it is offered on each product page) for an additional charge.

The necessary P.D. measurement can been obtained from your Doctor's office in written form.

Please email your Prescription to:

* Lenses in your own frame. We will gladly use your own frame as long as the frame is virtually like new. We stringently qualify these frames, and as a result not one has broken yet! We will not be responsible for frame breakage while processing.

If you are using your own frame, we will send you a shipping box with a return postage label at no cost to you. Its as easy as that!

Additional features are offered on each product page such as:

* Ultra violet protection

* Sun tints

* Computer tints

* Anti-reflective coating

*** We are a full service Optical Grinding Lab.

* We ship only in the continental the United States.

* If you would like Multi-View Lenses made for your own frame, please call our offices for advanced approval. 303-955-8088